Our Farmers


Fox Trail Farm

Fox Trail Farm is a Certified Natural Grown Farm in Albion, IN. They specialize in growing Asian vegetables such as napa cabbage, bok choi, Asian radish, as well as ginger and many varieties of garlic. In addition to wholesaling to local businesses, they offer CSA to the community in the summer.


HAwkins Family Farm

“In 1957, after years of farming on leased land and saving their earnings, John Leo and Velma Hawkins purchased a ninety-nine acre farm outside of North Manchester, Indiana, in the Bluffton Till Plain region, choosing the place for its excellent soil and tending it with care. Three generations later, our family continues to steward the farm. Today, we raise poultry, hogs, cattle, and vegetables, farming by the example of our forbears while using the health and wholeness of soils, waters, plants, animals, and people as our standard - community supported agriculture at the confluence of nature and culture.”


Windrose Urban Farm

“Urban farming is more than just a special interest or hobby for us. From mushrooms to micro greens, we want to provide quality farm fresh products right here in our downtown Fort Wayne community. At our farm, we seek to provide employment opportunities for individuals living with special needs in our community while growing high-quality food and garden products. We believe that by providing employment opportunities for people with special needs, we will create and provide fulfilling jobs. It is our hope and goal to grow our farm and employment program to have a sustainable and permanent storefront location at the Electric Works facility.”