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True Kimchi began as a way to create and share authentic, handcrafted, and delicious kimchi in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

We always use quality ingredients - local and/or organic - as well as authentic ingredients such as gochugaru (red pepper flakes) and napa cabbage. Everything we do is 100% by hand, from chopping all the vegetables to packaging and labeling each jar. You’ll never see preservatives or MSG listed on our ingredients list. Our produce is sourced locally from certified organic farms when in season.

We make our kimchi in small batches and believe you can taste the love and care in each jar. Our kimchi is made using sacred family recipes, handed down from generation to generation. In order to offer vegan and gluten-free kimchi to the community, we created our own plant-based fish sauce that captures the umami flavor.

An excellent source of probiotics, our kimchi is unpasteurized and therefore alive with beneficial bacteria for that good gut! Kimchi, fermented vegetables, is a traditional side dish in Korean cuisine. Its probiotics are derived from the natural process of lacto-fermentation in the salted vegetables. Kimchi also contains high levels of vitamin A, B, and C, as well as antioxidants.

Above all, authenticity is vital to us and we hope that you can taste the True Korean Taste in each bite, hence our name.